“Symphonia” organic beverage


  • Aromatic beverage
  • Antiseptic action anti-inflammatory 
  • Contains: chamomile, pennyroyal, melissa and orange zest

Product Description

Highly aromatic beverage.

Served as a soothing hot drink in winter against insomnia and stomach disorders, with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action, and also as a refreshing cold drink in the summer. It can be used in confectionary.

The wonder of nature in your glass!!!

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Vendor Information

Nikos Chatziandreou: Owner of “Organic Islands”

Organic Islands® is a rapidly growing family company producing and processing organic aromatic and medicinal plants and herbs, based on the island of Naxos in the Cyclades. The company was founded by Nick Chatziandreou in October 2010.

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