Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about how to buy from Greecious



What is Greecious?


Greecious is the only online store, where you can find 100% Greek, handmade and original products of the most special and talented artists of our country.


Why shopping from Greecious?


Because it offers you gathered all the best Greek creations, thus saving you a lot of effort and running. And indeed, at the most economical rates! Shop from the comfort of your couch, quickly, economically and safely the most unique and original products on! Especially, if you are looking for a special gift for your loved ones, the only certainty is that shopping from Greecious you will manage to impress!


What can I find in Greecious?


Literally everything! Here you will find the best and most distinctive Greek handmade products made by independent and talented creators and not only… From jewelry, clothing, books, cosmetics and accessories, to ceramics, superfoods, and even electric bikes!


How do I buy?


The way is very simple and fast and is divided into the following three steps:

  1. Make window-shopping in the pages of Greecious and find what interests you.
  2. Once you find it, press the “Put in cart” button.
  3. Once you finish your shopping, complete your order, either as a visitor, giving only the e-mail and your data, or by subscription / connection Greecious quickly through Facebook.

In a few minutes a confirmation e-mail will come from Greecious to e-mail you provided us along with the receipt for your purchase!


Do I need an account to shop?


No, you do not. Of course, if you wish, you can register for free to become our member and get informed directly about the offers of Greecious! You can register through your Facebook account much more easily and quickly.


If I choose registering via Facebook, will a relevant post be published on my profile?


No, no information will be published in your profile on Facebook.



About my Greecious account



Why subscribe to Greecious?


Because it is a process that lasts only a few seconds, costs nothing and offers you a lot! Through there you can follow your orders and your purchases, keeping a list of your favorite products, receiving, if you like, our news and promotions. At the same time, if you are a creator, you have the opportunity to open this way your own shop and sell, for free, in Greece and abroad your work, your own products!


How do I subscribe to Greecious?


You can register at Greecious very simply and quickly, either through your e-mail, or via your Facebook account.


How can I monitor the flow of my transactions?


You should first be registered in Greecious and login as a user. Then you direct yourself to the top right of the screen of the menu and you choose the option “My Account”. There you will find all the flow of your transactions.


I can not remember my password. What am I doing?


There is absolutely no reason to worry! Click the Link “Forgot your password” on the page “Links”. There you will be asked to give the e-mail you used to register. Then you will receive a new e-mail that includes a link. Clicking the link will take you back to Greecious to give a new password.


How do I erase my Greecious account?


You must send us an e-mail to, indicating the username and the e-mail you used to register. The Greecious group will erase your account instantly.


How do I receive the Greecious newsletter?


Do not worry! With your subscription to Greecious, you will automatically receive all our news and offers in your e-mail!



Security Issues



How safe are the transactions I make using Greecious?


All transactions made through Greecious are perfectly safe. This is because they are integrated into the impenetrable online environment of Piraeus bank. Greecious not withhold any evidence of your credit card.


Can I do something to further increase the security of my personal information?


You have no reason to be afraid, because, as we said, Greecious will not withhold any evidence of your credit card. If you personally want to protect your personal information, you’ better disconnect (log out) after each visit to Greecious. You should also keep your password secret and change it often.






Can I order more than one product in one transaction?


You can as long as they address the same author. Otherwise, you need to make separate transactions following the steps of the purchase process. Remember that Greecious is an online marketplace that enables independent filmmakers from all over Greece to present and sell their work. We hold, therefore, storage. The products are in their labs and are sent directly by each creator. Thus, each shipping is unique and therefore has a different shipping cost.


Can I order products simultaneously from different stores?


Of course you can from whatever stores you wish! Just remember that there will be a separate shipping cost for each transaction from different creator / shop.



Payment methods



How to pay Greecious?


It’s up to you to choose whichever way best serves you of the available payment Greecious sites:

  • by credit, debit card or prepaid card
  • by paypal


If I choose “bank deposit” must I go to a relevant branch?


Of course not. You can make and electronic deposit / transfer as long as you have an account at the Piraeus Bank or at Eurobank.


If I choose “bank deposit” until when can I finish the procedure and make the deposit?


Greecious keeps the products you choose for 7 calendar days. After that your order is automatically canceled by the system.


Should I note something on the deposit?


Yes, you need to put down your name and the code / number of your order, so that we can activate and to launch it directly.


Enjoy your shopping!