Popi Kallamaras: “Soocre” owner

Popi Kallamaras and her husband, John Papadopoulos, set a world of caramel taste in the center of Kolonaki. A live candy workshop, where the artisans make candies and lollipops in front of you in an admittedly impressive show!  

A  Greek unique concept dedicated to the Art of hand crafted candy specializing in WEDDINGS, BAPTISMS AND CORPORATE CANDY.


Soocre, which was “born” in Athens in 2011 is an open candy kitchen. Every day they make handmade caramels with natural colours and natural flavors.


Every member of the team worked in other type of jobs before falling in love with candy making.


The founder, Popi Kallamaras, left her career in Agriculture, listening to her heart's voice to open Soocre: The first handmade candy kitchen in Greece. But it isn’t only this. She has in her hand a special gift, a very old English secret recipe from 17th century complementing with the best ingredients of Europe.


They make the best caramels that you can ever taste. “Soocre” team is moving into the next step, improving with extra training their skill day by day to give you the best result for your orders, making anything you can ask for!


With shops (…at the moment) in Greece (Athens-Naxos island-Rhodes island), Ukraine (Kiev) and Russia (Moscow), Soocre is moving forward to the future.


Soocre can make for you the best customized handmade rock candy. In their shops you can see in front of your eyes how they can ”print” your name, logo or message inside a small piece of candy.


So, come in their shops to see, smell, feel and taste the magic of candy making. A perfect idea for any occasion: parties, events, corporate logos, baptisms, weddings, birthdays or just for fun.



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