Waterproof waist bag – Life jacket


  • Small waist or shoulder bag
  • 100% waterproof
  • Transformed into lifejacket
  • Ideal for beach lovers

Product Description

A small bag waist or shoulder, waterproof converted into a lifejacket. It can protect the phone, money and keys from water and if necessary can save your life.

An indispensable gadget for lovers of the sea, in a variety of vessels (recreational, sailing, fishing, inflatable etc), bathers in beaches- organized beaches-pools, fishing, water sports, lifeguards.



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Vendor Information

Christos Mihelakis, Creator of AquaSafe Bag

Against the crisis of the times, a shining example of obstinacy for success and ingenuity comes from Crete. Christos Mihelakis presents a patented idea, which was inspired by the beautiful Cretan beaches and the needs of bathers to insure their

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