The new trend of superfoods and their beneficial action on our health

The new trend of superfoods and their beneficial action on our health

Superfoods can be considered the new trend of the times. Essentially we are talking about food with more than one health benefits. The reason that people turn there is how obvious are now the devastating effects of fast food, even visually, but also due to occurrence of diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

Their main advantages are related to their antioxidant activities. That is the fight against harmful free radicals that cause aging, the decline of the immune system, as well as they are often responsible for the development of tumors. Apart from that, superfoods (depending on their type) fight various diseases and give energy and wellness to the body.


Greecious has collected for you the best:

The new wonder Handmade Organic Super-Snack

The “Kale” case in question, near relative of wild cabbage, which can help strengthen the bones as it contains huge amounts of calcium, although it does not belong to dairy products, as well as being an excellent source of antioxidant and anticancer substances. Zero in calories, suitable for a healthy diet, while research constantly confirm the protection this miracle vegetable seems to offer to cancer and many other serious diseases. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, swear to its beneficial properties while the “Bon Appétit” food magazine has pronounced it “the vegetable of the year”.

“Kale” comes into our country from the vegan collective “TrooFood Liberation” who served it to us in various versions of delicious chips, where sprouts dried after having bathed under a sauce with cashew nuts. The Chef of raw foods and simultaneously one of the “TrooFood”  owners, speaks exclusively to “Greecious” about Kale Chips and their beneficial properties for the human body.

Berryland: The paradise of Greek super foods in Evia

Vasilis Dafnis, amid the crisis, decided to abandon Theology, and make a dream come true.

He starts to cultivate on the foothills of Mount Dirfys, in Pissonas Evia the “Aroni”, a rare plant, then grapples with growing blueberry and goji.

His aim is to incorporate all the valuable benefits of super foods in everyday life by integrating them with simple everyday products.

So he creates “Berryland” products, which include: Vinegar Buckthorn, vinegar Aroni, tomato sauce with goji, paste goji chili pickle goji, molasses Pomegranate-Aroni in olive oil, Aroni / Buckthorn jam, submarine vanilla blueberry.

And of course, do not forget to turn to herbal cosmetics with goji and soaps with goji and Aroni.

His cultivations are completely biological, using honey as a natural sweetener, there are no dyes or flavors nor any preservatives. They are completely natural products really valuable in our kitchen.


Sparta Goods: Healthy eating made in Lakonia

“This is a blessed land”, Ananias Karachanidis used to say, the family great-grandfather, speaking about the rich and fertile laconic earth, when in 1930, coming to Greece from the Caucasus, arrived here and started successfully the olive oil trade. Today, almost 100 years later, the family continues Karachanidi’ s deservedly brilliant commercial route, always speaking with gratitude for the holy land of Sparta, recognizing the unique value through a two-way relationship of affection and care. The same relationship of care, which the 4th generation of Karachanidi’ s family continues deservedly through the new Sparta Goods” company.

Having years of experience in the food sector, Karachanidis family, worldwide famous for its excellent quality product quality and for the ultimate satisfaction of the needs of consumers, creates the “Sparta Goods” company, promoting extra virgin olive oil in Greece and worldwide, olives and olive products.