Joanna Alifragis: Owner of “Joanna & Nelly Alifragis” workshop

The business started 40 years ago due to Joanna’s love for art and dance, having family roots. She has collaborated for years with the national theater, the opera, the music hall, while her shoe business enthusiasts are several among the prominent actors of our country.

- Do you regret that your art tends to disappear?

Yes, it is unfortunate that there are no craftsmen to continue this particular kind of business in shoes. They are now all manufactured and imported into Greece from abroad.


- Why should someone choose a handmade shoe?

The handmade shoe is clearly better than the factory one because it is made based on the individual needs of each dancer, actor or even one at an amateur level and adapted to the anatomy of each foot without causing strain and deformity of the foot bones, such as for example problems with the ball of the foot. Also the materials do not contain anything synthetic, but they consist of leather, cotton and wood components of nature that allow the foot to breathe.


-What more can be found in your shop?

In our store one can find shoes for all forms of dance regarding clothing both in the area of dance and the one of sports, such as leotards for gymnastics, rhythmic and acrobatic, and custom made costumes for all forms of dance from ballet to oriental and pole- dancing.


- Success despite the crisis. How do you achieve this?

The crisis has certainly affected us, too. However the customer invests his money in our products, because he knows that he is buying quality, which is durable and does not need to renew purchases two or three times a year, as is done with poor quality that spoils immediately. While we in turn, have adjusted our prices downward to the needs of our times.


-Which are your «best sellers» in terms of sales?

The traditional dancing shoes certainly are our leading product, like the tango shoes and other leather ballet shoes combined with dance cotton leotards.


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