Avra Panousopoulos: The mom behind the “Yiam”

Avra Panousopoulos decided at 25, with two little children, to leave Athens and become a farmer. Her love for natural products and her spirit of creativity led her to the quick creation of original and successful flavors which became best sellers.

How did the idea to create “Yiam”?

After I left Athens in 1993 with my family with two little children to live in a village and after six years where I worked (with the verb not representing my real occupation) where I lived as a farmer and lived by farming, I started remodeling our products at first for our family, later for our friends and finally I made my first workshop and that’s how “Yiam” was created. Exquisite delicatessen products for stores in Athens at the very beginning. In 2002 I moved to Aghia with my three children and I kept the same job but only with the lab.


What do you think is the secret of their success?

I do not know to tell you for sure. But I guess the secret is that I love my job and I like to do it very well. Quality is the key component of any business.


What are the materials used for their manufacture?

All the good products that are produced in Greece. Our raw materials are fruits and vegetables and extra virgin olive oil and herbs. I prefer first of all the fresh ingredients I find here in Aya and in the rest of Greece.


How do you feel as one of the emblematic figures of exquisite miniatures in Greece today?

I do not feel as an emblematic figure. I am of course very proud and satisfied that I created from scratch an undertaking of the first of its kind concerning the taste that I believe that it can speak to all people and through this to share our history, our heritage and to add new ideas and creations.


Where can one find "Yiam";

In all the delicatessen shops in Athens and several in Europe. In www.yiam.gr is our e-shop where you can make an order so as to send them to your door or look in the "shops yiam" for the store that they can be sourced.


What flavors are of greater demand and what are the ones most people prefer?

There are 44 different codes. jams, marmalades and appetizers. I can not single out any but the cream cheese broiled in olive oil, sun-dried cheery tomatoes, dried figs in Mavrodaphne syroup with black pepper, the lemon jam with lime is a favorite of many.



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