Show your love with a gift worthy of your feelings

Show your love with a gift worthy of your feelings

There is no better way to show your love than a gift worthy of your feelings and above all … original and unique!


So make your every day count with special gifts from Greecious…

“Aphrodite” clutch

Handmade envelope made of woven cotton with fringes.

A unique piece from the new collection loom! The construction is done entirely using traditional handlooms held since 1910 and with additional work by hand.

The construction materials are only natural (wool, cotton, rag, etc.) mainly from Crete, as well as construction techniques we were taught by our grandmothers.

The Loom products start their journey from the site of ancient Lappa (modern Argyroupoli) and accompany you adding a delivery note and unique style to your everyday life.




Wooden handmade bracelet

The new wooden accessory fashion is here.

Wooden handmade bracelet from walnut for unique appearances.

Worn in the wrist or with a chain of your choice around your neck.

Wear them and give a different… note to your everyday life!!!



Leather handmade women shoes

Handmade, leather dancing shoes, and not only… Worn at all times, anatomic and confortable!

We are talking about the famous Joanna’s leather dance shoes.

They are 100% handmade, with high heel and special non-slip sole for a stable and relaxed step.


ANTINOOS, The 2 standsbook Set

Absolutely functional, they manage to keep the books standing, but thanks to their attractive designs and colors, draw the eye to the works of the human spirit.

They are, in other words, the best invitation for the enjoyable process of thought, as proposed by “SOPHIA” under the motto «Enjoy Thinking».

Delivery time: 10 days


Handmade sandals with painted flowers

Flowers! What more beautiful could decorate your feet rather than a flower you love. Small, large, colorful, three-dimensional, etc.

These shoes are handmade, unique and each pair has its own, unique character. There will always be small differences since they are made by human hand and not by any printing machine and that is what makes them so special.

The shoes are painted with acrylic colors which do not come out with water. They are also protected by varnish to be waterproof. It would be advisable though to watch them more than your common shoes.

Delivery time: 15 days

Hydra short-sleeved t-shirt

The Hydra of cartoonist Nestor Kechagias printed with silkscreen on 100% pre-washed semi-refined ring-spun cotton. The T-shirt has edge seam at 145g / m² fabric.

Wearing it, you ‘ll realise their comfortable line, without side seams, the 2-ply round neck and collar 1×1 rib with elastin to be worn without wear!