Vera Hadjipapas: Creator of “Nature’s Dream by Vera”

Although a professional pianist, she has become a fast-seller for unique creations in the field of handmade jewelry. Vera Hadjipapas created the V&V Creations, in which we find: Handmade jewelry, mainly plant designs, with natural materials such as clay, silk, semi-precious stones, silk cocoons and metal (copper, alpaca, brass).

-How did your involvement with the handmade jewelry turn up?

I always had love for painting (I painted half the furniture of my house and on the occasion of a gift that I received from a much loved man, two volumes of "Greek motifs' version of EOMMEX with themes from antiquity to modern times of Greece, I started to paint on pottery fragments and magnesite which I collected from the beach. Then I thought that this would be beautiful as a jewelry item and started experimenting... on the other hand, my partner is a ceramicist and previously worked with museum copies. So I got in touch with the art of antiquity, which captivated me...


-What kind of jewelry do you make?

Handmade jewelry, mainly plant designs with natural materials (clay, silk, semi-precious stones, cocoons of silk and metal, such as copper, alpaca, brass.


-What is the technique you follow?

It is a mixed technique, using a variety of materials, trying to take advantage of the different textures of each material. The materials I use are metal wire or sheet form, cloth, silks from Indian saris hand-painted ceramics that I have made and painted myself, pastels and acrylics, straw, paper, semi-precious stones, cocoons hand painted silkworm cocoons, etc.


-What Is the difference between a handmade jewelry from another mass production one?

The handmade jewelry has a unique corresponding creator and techniques one employs in each unique construction and the fact that there will always be techniques that the human hand will implement more correctly from the machines, giving the jewelry a let's say 'humanity stamp "century, not the lifeless stereotype of mechanical reproduction.


-What are the stages you follow until a jewel reaches the customer?

First comes the inspiration for a gem... the next step is experimentation, either on paper or in practice and having concluded, in the implementation. In the past, there were times  telling me how they had imagined it, chose the color palette, the metal they were interested in, etc.


-What do you enjoy most when you create a necklace?

The continuous transformation even of the initial idea...


Where from do you draw your inspirations for designs and colors?

From the nature. I feel that the nature is all around us like a fantasia, in the musical sense, embracing us... If you observe a vine (a prime piece of Greek nature), from the countless colors and shapes in the trunk to the branches of grape berries, you will see how fabulous, magical and playful nature is... In my occupation maybe, maybe using some archetypes... and sometimes in a more elaborate fashion, in its Dionisiasm...


-How long does it take to complete an order?

Usually one week… it is the clay that needs its time...


-Has the financial crisis influenced your work?

I began my work with the jewelry during the crisis, so the only influence I could conclusively sense, is that the crisis has forced me to be more inventive and creative in order to possibly find some new resources to facilitate the every day. Of course, the crisis and the lack of resources entailed, make things also difficult for the creator, concerning the supply of the necessary materials for the work, but even the people think twice before buying a jewel when they cannot afford to meet their daily "obligations"...


-What are your goals from now on?

To experiment with new materials and techniques and get my work to a wider audience, so that I can get the feedback, which I believe will help me to both assess and evolve the level of my work.



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