Kostas Tsopelas: Musical instrument maker – Musical instrument workshop owner

The workshop of handmade musical instruments of Konstantinos Tsopelas opened in 2002. We make traditional Greek musical instruments like bouzoukis, tzouras, baglamas, lutes and guitars of all types etc.

-How did you decide to get involved with handmade musical instruments?

At the time I was looking for an instrument that I could not find anywhere and so I decided to make it myself. That was the first step in instrument making.


-What is the difference between a handmade instrument and a mass production one?

The difference is in the making quality, sound and of course a handmade instrument is unique.


-What does better quality and sharper sound depend on?

On many things, such as the type and age of the wood, how it will be placed, the length, its thicknesses and many more.


-What kinds of musical instruments can someone ordered in your workshop?

We make acoustic guitars of all types, as well as classic ones. And Greek instruments like bouzoukis, tzouras, baglamas and lutes.


-How long does it take you to complete an order?

It depends on the workload every time. I usually deliver in about two months.


-What are the stages you follow for an instrument to reach a customer?

The stages are too many. To give you an idea, I will mention some, such as finding and cutting the wood into the appropriate thickness, length and width, the construction of each part of the body, the construction and placement of decorative elements, the varnishing, the setting-up, etc.


-Has the financial crisis influenced your work?

Clearly yes. We are forced to be reducing our prices, which is rather difficult, as you can't have reductions in quality.


-What do you enjoy most when creating a new musical instrument?

The moment of creation is magical especially when you know that from a single trunk of a tree a subject can be born through which all people are able to communicate regardless the race and language.


-What are your goals from now on?

To be always making better instruments which will be finding their respective equally good players.



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