Antonia Stathakis: Creator of the Loom Handmade

Antonia Stathakis from Argyroupoli Rethymno Crete knew the art of the loom from her mother Helen. And with a vision to spread the ancient art of loom across the world and modernize tradition, she created the Loom.

How did you decide to match the old with the new and create “loomhandmade”;

Through the involvement of my mother with weaving, about two years ago came the idea to create a more modern and usable product addressing modern man. The idea of a bag made in old traditional looms with traditional techniques but with modern design and colors. This “marriage” excited me and I started to deal with art setting up a new business based on traditional production methods. That is how the brand «LOOM» was created.


Did you expect when you started that there would be such a great response from the people?

The response of the world is really very encouraging although we are still at the beginning. We hope they continue to embrace our products and our ideas for many years with the same joy and confidence they showed in us at the beginning.


What is that inspires you for your creations?

The inspiration for our creations comes to us mostly while we are sitting weaving each separate piece on the loom. It can come from anything that can be seen in everyday life or from older traditional textile designs adapted to our times.


Is every piece unique?

Each piece of the «LOOM» is unique !!! Although it is quite difficult, especially as the production increase not to repeat the same pattern, we believe that it is worth our every product (pillow bag, carpet, etc.) being made from both old tools and natural materials have bearing unique designs and colors, equally unique with the man who will possess it!


How long does it take to build each Loom bag?

The construction time of a «LOOM» bag is quite long I would say. Creating the woven piece (a lengthy process in itself), until you reach a complete bag by adding the lining, the straps and the leather parts can take days, perhaps weeks.


What is so special that women find in Loom and choose them?

I think that people who choose to buy a «LOOM» bag are initially intrigued with the idea of the old traditional loom (It awakens pleasant memories of their grandmother’s loom which existed in many homes even a few years ago), and that is created through this a result of a modern, unique, handmade, Greek and mainly quality product.


What are your goals from now on?

The objectives are many and great. But we try to do it slowly and steadily. We are achieving goals one by one and moving on. Let us hope that everything goes well so that we can continue to evolve and create beautiful things.


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