Moccasins ballerinas


  • handmade
  • genuine suede leather
  • non-slip sole

Product Description

Moccasins are very comfortable shoes
Their form is wider than the classic ballerinas, that’s why preferred by women with a larger clubhead
It is made of genuine suede leather with leather lining
With a soft sole and leather lining
Non-slip sole

Additional Information


36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42



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Vendor Information

Dimitra Psychogyios, Painter / Illustrator – Owner of “Nadeen Art Shoes”

The talented painter / Illustrator Dimitra Psychogyios has written and illustrated tales, delivers painting classes, jewelery, sewing and knitting and the last two years paints, among other things, handmade 'fairytale' shoes. So we present you with joy Nadeen shoes and

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