“Athena” shopping bag


  • handmade
  • woven (cotton)
  • leather
  • unique piece

Product Description

Handmade handbag with woven cotton and leather.

A unique piece from the new collection loom! The construction is done entirely using traditional handlooms held since 1910 and with additional work by hand. The construction materials are only natural (wool, cotton, rag, etc.) mainly from Crete, as well as construction techniques we were taught by our grandmothers. The Loom products start their journey from the site of ancient Lappa (modern Argyroupoli) and accompany you adding a delivery note and unique style to your everyday life.

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Vendor Information

Antonia Stathakis: Creator of the Loom Handmade

Antonia Stathakis from Argyroupoli Rethymno Crete knew the art of the loom from her mother Helen. And with a vision to spread the ancient art of loom across the world and modernize tradition, she created the Loom.

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