Lifelikes: Ηandmade jewelry is a family matter

Lifelikes: Ηandmade jewelry is a family matter

The economic crisis may have torn down the dreams of many young people, however, three brothers, Anastasia, Anna and Panagiotis Glantzis, decided to make their hobby a profession and they succeeded.

In 2013 they created the «Lifelikes», a company with handmade jewelry and accessories, which have a deeper meaning for him who wears them, and within three years, with a lot of work and personal time, exceeded their expectations and were competitive in their field. Visual studies on architecture and graphic design is the backbone on which the whole philosophy is based as well as the aesthetics of «Lifelikes».

Today «Lifelikes» handmade jewelry is traveling almost all over the world. They began to be sold in Australia and America by Greeks who wanted to promote the Greek spirit abroad and currently can be found in some countries such as Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Apart from design and good service, what makes «Lifelikes» distinguish is the thematic pavilions. The company pioneered and brought to Greece the so called Pop Up stores. These outlets are displayed for a short time and unexpectedly in front of the consumer.

The brand name was the idea of Anastasia. «Lifelikes» means “true to life”, “something authentic”. These concepts characterize the jewelry perfectly designed by the Glantzis siblings from the first moment of inspiration until the completion of each creation.

Each «Lifelikes» jewel hides its own truth and is authentic as it is based on emotion, representing special moments and aspects of life. The collection includes original symbolic charms with minimal lines. Each comes with a tag with a separate message. This way «Lifelikes» make jewelry even more personal. This is the reason their moto is “join your feelings”.