Vasilis Dafnis: “Berryland” owner

Vasilis Dafnis, amid the crisis, decided to abandon Theology, and make a dream come true. So he creates “Berryland” products, which include: Vinegar Buckthorn, vinegar Aroni, tomato sauce with goji, paste goji chili pickle goji, molasses Pomegranate-Aroni in olive oil, Aroni / Buckthorn jam, submarine vanilla blueberry.

-You left everything behind and made an 180 degrees career shift... Great decision, especially in the time of crisis. Is it not that right?

It was essentially a life decision as it was different from our initial major of study. We started in 2012, and resigned from the private sector, where we were paid 370 € a month (!) And we had to choose between two options ... one staying in Greece and fight and one I leaving for abroad ... So I searched long and ended in the cultivation of super foods creating innovative products out of them! So we stayed in Greece and we are delighted with our choice.


-What made you get interested in alternative rather than traditional crops?

I spent several hours of research and ended up in super foods, thinking it was something that had a future in the country as they were only recently being known, while are widely known abroad.


-How did the idea of Berryland” come up?

“Berryland”, was the name given by my wife to a small farm of ours, where we grow all sorts of berries ... I liked it and so we established the name for our products ... So “Berryland” advocates the struggle and labor of our efforts, anxieties and concerns .. a small idea that slowly grows ... When we started we certainly did not expect our progress to reach so far.


-What are the varieties you produce?

We cultivate whatever has to do with Berries, Aroni, goji, sea buckthorn, blueberry, as well as hawthorn and elder. The fruit is then processed and we have at the moment 12 unique codes, such as vanilla (submarine) with blueberries or sweet Aronis with silver.


-What are “super foods” and what do they offer to our system?

The term “super foods” we identify the foods that contain many more nutrients compared with other components necessary for the proper functioning of the human system with additional positive effects.


-Does the world prefer biological products?

There is a major shift in the world for organic products, as well as for the Greek ones.


-Is your estate open to visitors as a tour for visitors and young children? How did you come up with the original idea?

Right now, believe me, we live the dream. We started timidly our effort, but such was the interest of the world to visit our schools and various groups to get to know us, to see our efforts and meet our two horses, the beauty and the siroko. We have now changed level of living, our little son grows in the nature and we now work with more energy. We love our work and it shows in our products.


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