Stratos Patlamazoglou: “Citrus Ties” owner

An original idea and a young man, Stratos Patlamazoglou, who managed to put his cool casual ties in every male wardrobe worldwide. Citrus ties have as main objective to redefine the tie “strict” accessory and transform it into an integral part of the wardrobe of the modern man.

-How you decide to deal with handmade neckties?

I was looking for a tie to wear to my wedding, but what I found did not satisfy me. After research, I concluded that I would not find ready what I was looking for and if I wanted to get it, I would have to create it.


-What is the difference between a handmade tie and a corresponding mass production one?

A handmade tie has the full attention and concentration of its creator. From choosing the fabric until the moment you enter the package is checked in every detail to be exactly as envisioned. This makes it unique and cannot resemble any other tie. So the man who wears it feels confident and proud of his choice.


-How can a tie be even more "personal"?

In certain periods, such as Christmas, we give you the option of inscribing the name, date, a wish, etc. on the metal detail adorning Citrus ties. In this way it can become even more personal.


-What are the steps to follow until a tie is ready to reach the customer?

At first choose the fabrics of the collection after researching old drapery shops and drapery warehouses of Athens and Piraeus. Then a tie is designed and cut one at a time and followed by the seams. Then the aluminum detail is added cut and inscribed in cnc with the final finishing done by hand and thus the design of a Citrus tie is completed. Finally it enters its pack and reaches the customer.


-What do you enjoy most when creating a handmade tie?

I cannot choose something specific from the process of the creation of the tie that I should like the best. I enjoy every bit of it in a special way. Maybe the research for fabric stands a little more above because it includes a stroll around the city.


-Where do you draw your inspiration in various designs and colors?

The inspiration comes from the city and the cityscape of Athens, the bars and their signs, the venues of musical instruments. I generally like to observe daily things and discover something new that will draw my attention to them.


-How long does it take to complete an order?

The time it takes to complete one tie is approximately 1 hour when the materials are ready for use. But I make sure that I always have stock.


-Has the economic crisis affected your work?

I started my business in this crisis and cannot compare the periods before and after. The crisis was in fact the reason to start my own business. My view is that the crisis is a good awakening slap giving  you the opportunity to reflect on your self-development.


-What are your goals from now on?

The immediate objective is to grow my collection with new creations, which you will soon see. My basic aim is always the redefinition of the male accessories, with contemporary design as the keystone.


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