Alexandra Polyzos: Owner of “AVC Creations”

Alexandra Polyzos creates with love, imagination and taste, handmade shadow-box little frames (deep frames) that are ideal for srapbook photo layouts or otherwise scrapbook photographic compositions, as well as handmade books wedding vows, christenings and cards!!!

How did you decide to deal with something so special, such as handmade cards and handmade greetings albums?

The idea came all of a sudden through one of my hobbies, scrapbooking, widely popular in America and Canada, less in our country, which, due to the rapid success and recognition of my work in international and domestic sites, showed that I had a special inclination to it! Someday, on the occasion of the wedding of a very good girl friend of mine, I made her guest book and was excited by the realization of the idea! This was the cause that led me to today!

What inspires your creations?

There is not any particular inspiration! You speak with a customer on the subject of a baptism or a wedding and depending on the materials I use, the relevant image and form I want to give the guest book I am to construct is automatically created in my mind! The inspiration I would say comes from within based on the aesthetic element that characterizes me as a person and as a creator!

What materials do you use for their construction?

I use cardboard, a type of scrapbooking paper, fabric, lace, and whatever I think could give my creations a unique and special style.

What do you believe are among your creations the ones most people prefer and why?

People mostly prefer the prayers books with the shape of a name on them because it is an original idea liked because of their specificity and uniqueness! Nowhere in the world is there anything similar and so unique to accompany the special and most important moments of our lives!

Is there a possibility of custom made orders?

Orders are exclusively custom made! I try to create completely personalized books of weddings and christenings because I think that is what is missing inside the globalization trend of products that dominate the world market!

Why would someone choose a handmade card or a greetings album?

Because something handmade is invaluable! It is characterized by its originality and uniqueness! It also departs from the mainstream and is aimed at producing quality rather than quantity! Historically speaking a handmade article has always been more sophisticated, suited to the owner's personality and its value is timeless!

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